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"Wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the 4 temps that helped us at the Las Vegas Airport. They were punctual, dressed as we requested, came prepared with their lunches & snacks, and were very professional. They effectively communicated the shuttle bus schedule to our passengers in the baggage claim areas and directed them to the appropriate parking/pickup spaces on the zero level. Our company received very positive feedback from these customers regarding our shuttle service, and we credit much of its success to our 4 women temps."

- Jane Rousey, Daimler Buses North America

"I enjoyed working with you and all my temps. They were hard working and delightful. Thanks again for working with me and all my last minute changes."

- Maggie Masterson, United Motorcoach Association

We had a successful conference, your staff was wonderful to work with. They are friendly, professional and fun. We are coming back to Vegas in 2011 for annual convention and I would love to work with the same group if they are available.

- Masuda Ranjber, Mortgagebankers

"Thank you so much for assisting with the staffing of our event. You provided us with a great group this year! They loved the event and thought we were all crazy, but they did all the tough work none of us wanted to do. Moving heavy bottled water, chairs, tables, packing up all the boxes and loading up the van. They were great. With a little leadership, they were willing to do anything we asked.Thanks so much for working with I will never use another staffing agency in Las Vegas."

- Kristen Dummer, WAKA® Kickball

"Everything went very well. The gentlemen you sent were very professional & quick!!!!! Thank you for supporting us again this year."

- Debbie Proulx, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group

"Thanks to all your staff for the great performance displayed tonight on all levels."

- Carlos Pittman, Base Entertainment/Planet Hollywood

"I have used Priority Staffing USA probably 10 times in the last 9 years. Several other companies have asked for my business in Las Vegas and I stayed with Priority because they do such a great job and their rates are very competitive. The staff they use are always professional and courteous. The are on time (or early) and very friendly. I generally use the staff as door monitors and session scanners. They take direction well. I am very specific about my expectations surrounding room monitoring and they are told that they may not leave the room while it is in session (even to use the restroom). I ask that they have someone stand in their place while they are away. I have never had an issue with someone not being were they were needed . They are very easy to work with. They usually assign 2-3 supervisors who are my day to day onsite contacts and assist with schedule changes and adjustments. I have had unreliable temporary staff in other cities so I have something to compare Priority Staffing to. They are definitely top notch."

- Wendy Reilly, Martiz Travel Comapny

"I wanted to thank you and your team for a great week. We are so pleased with the staff members and Diane has been fantastic. As I mentioned the last few years the temporary staffing at PARTNERS has been a challenge and working with your team pre-planning and onsite this year has been such a relief. As you know the temporary staff are on the front line with attendees and they did a top-notch job by welcoming attendees, being attentive and demonstrating superb customer service skills. Thank you for all the hard work and helping us to make PARTNERS a success. I’ll be sure to pass on Priority Staffing to my colleagues for future events here in Las Vegas."

- Jenny Mueller, Experient

"Thoroughly impressed with the way your staff handled guests issues."

- Andrea Acosta, The Mirage Hotel Casino

"I have been using Priority Staffing since August 2006. We have 2 shows a year and they have been very helpful in supplying us with good quality people.They work hard to staff us with the look and experience we are seeking. They work to make my job easier. One example is other agencies will provide me schedules in their own format. Priority returns my request in the same format I submit it so it is quicker for me to update my master schedule. That cuts hours off the time I spend on updating me schedule. My event is held is several venues in Las Vegas. They visit all locations to make sure everything was running smoothly and my expectations were being met. As a whole I am very satisfied with Priority Staffing and will continue to use them in the future."

- Rick Smith, MAGIC


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